1. Renters must provide NSB with their own protocols for how they intend to maintain the health and safety of their clients. These protocols do not need to match ours (above), but they do need to address sanitations protocols, and the renter’s plan should a client be diagnosed with COVID-19.
  2. If a renter or client of a renter is diagnosed with COVID-19, the renter is obligated to let NSB know as soon as possible.
  3. Renters and clients must not arrive earlier than 5 minutes prior to rental period.
  4. All individuals must come to class dressed and ready – locker rooms will not be available for changing or showering.
  5. Renter must ask the following questions of clients prior to rental period and keep a log of responses should North Star Ballet request records: In the last 14 days –

    1. Have you traveled outside of Alaska?
    2. Has anyone in your family been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID in the last 14 days?
    3. Have you had a fever over 100, difficulty breathing, cough?
      If students/parents answer yes to any of the above, they may not enter the lobby.
    4. Renters must also keep a log of clients’ temperatures

  6. Masks are required in the lobby and studios of Artisans Courtyard at all times unless arrangements have been made with North Star Ballet prior to rental period.
  7. Clients must leave the studios/lobby immediately after the rental period ends.
  8. Renters are required to wipe down all equipment and common surfaces in the studio prior to leaving. 1% bleach solution will be provided by North Star Ballet.